American Medical Association

Work produced as a Communications Specialist (temporary assignment) with the AMA’s Practice Management Center, between July 2011-Nov. 2011.

In this capacity, I wrote several bulletins promoting the agency’s key educational initiatives to its members, including an email listserv of roughly 4,000 members. I also operated the agency’s content management system to upload these pages. These items were written according to Associated Press style guidelines.


Heal The Claims Promotional Flyer

An October 2011 promotional flier, designed for distribution to physicians and practice staff; I contributed the layout (excluding AMA letterhead) and much of the copy.


Vendor Engagement-AMA Resources Flyer

A marketing flier I wrote and designed, promoting several of the Practice Management Center’s primary initiatives, which was distributed to health care software vendors at an AMA engagement meeting in September 2011.


Advocacy Update 9.7.2011

An AMA internal marketing pamphlet, containing a blurb I wrote promoting a new resource developed by the Practice Management Center. This document is abridged, and my content is the final entry on this page, highlighted in the red box.

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